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Recher_origDr. Tom Recher is host of The Positivity Effect Podcast, with Weekly Interviews to inspire listeners to dig deep within, to live a healthy, wealthy, fulfilling life, full of gratitude. He also a doctor of audiology at Mid-Island Audiology, serving New York City with clinical diagnostics, counseling, hearing rehabilitation and conservation.

System Ah-ha!

Studying the anatomy and functions of the ear and hearing system in college.

Favorite System Tool

Fantastical calendar app (flexibits.com/fantastical)

Learning Resource

The Tai Lopez Show


Be Kind. Be kind to yourself.

Focus on compassion, gratitude, empathy and paying it forward.


Mid-Island Audiology (midislandaudiology.com)

The Positivity Effect podcast (positivityeffect.com)

Twitter @DrRecher