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SystemSmarts-PR40-300x225“System Smarts” is a podcast about System Design. Every week, I’ll bring you an interview with a system designer from a broad range of industries and areas of interest. These personal views of systems for business and life have expanded my notions of what systems are and can be.

Together, we will explore how entrepreneurs design business systems that free up more time and let them focus on their truest value. We will also hear how systems thinking has changed their life for the better.

I’ve been designing and developing software-intensive systems for 30 years. I got switched onto systems engineering about a decade ago when I led a failed attempt to enter a national robotics challenge. And I’ve been studying and applying system design ever since.

I’ve owned my own consulting practice and faced all the challenges of building and operating systems for a startup business. A few years ago, got certified to do Permaculture design which led to understanding natural systems and how we can improve business systems from the lessons learned from Nature.

If you have a topic or example you’d like to hear about, just let me know. You can email me at john at johnackley.com.

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