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JulianMahaDr. Julian Maha graduated from the University of Calgary School of Medicine at the age of 23. As an Emergency Department and Emergency Medical Services medical director in the state of Alabama, Dr. Maha has also done hospital consulting on emergency room work and patient flow. When his oldest son was diagnosed with autism, Dr. Maha focused his attention on helping his son. This effort led him to found KultureCity: an impact driven nonprofit that has applied a startup model to the nonprofit world.

Since its creation 20 months ago, KultureCity has become not only the best reviewed special needs nonprofit in the United States but also the fastest growing. Recent achievements include being named one of the Top 10 nonprofits in the US by Microsoft in 2015. With the impact of KultureCity and the change in the nonprofit world that it has brought, Dr. Maha has become a sought after speaker and consultant. He has spoken at numerous national and international conferences including Collision, Ignite and many more. He has also been interviewed and featured by national media such as Inc and IntoConnection. With KultureCIty, Dr. Maha has created an innovative approach to the nonprofit model that emphasizes impact and promotes sustainability.

System Ah-ha!

Bringing principles and practices of a lean startup business model to the nonprofit world.

Favorite System Tool

Having good mentors – getting good advise.

Learning Resource

KultureCity is developing information and education packs and videos to help organization reproduce their successes in a scalable way.


Always make sure your impact drives your mission!



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