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DerekCabreraDr. Derek Cabrera holds a PhD from Cornell University, has authored eight books, and is an internationally recognized expert in metacognition and systems thinking. His contributions to the field of systems thinking have been integrated into NSF, NIH, and USDA-NIFA programs nationwide. He has authored numerous book chapters and peer-reviewed journal articles and his research has been profiled in peer-reviewed journals, trade magazines, and popular publications. As a faculty member at Cornell University he designed and co-teaches (with his wife Laura Cabrera) the graduate course on systems thinking in Cornell’s Institute for Public Affairs. His theoretical models of systems thinking have had impact worldwide, and he is US patent holder and inventor of the “metacognitive mapping” diagramming method, the VMCL model of organizational design, a universal tactile manipulative called ThinkBlocks, and MetaMap software – a suite of systems thinking tools.

System Ah-ha!

Derek had a dream that all knowledge was connected.

Favorite System Tool

CRLab’s Metacognitive mapping, ThinkBlocks, and MetaMap software.

Learning Resource

Systems Thinking Made Simple: New Hope for Solving Wicked Problems, Derek and Laura Cabrera (Amazon)  (eBook on iTunes) (Blog post about STMS Book – Link) (INCOSE Book Review – Link)

VMCL Infographic: Build an adaptive organization. VMCL is a systems-based model for designing and leading organizations. NFST is a systems-based model for leading organizational change: (Link)

DSRP Infographic: 3 Things Systems Thinkers DO. Infographic from a soon to be published paper of systems thinking in a research-level sample: (Link)

MAC Infographic: For educators who want to develop systems thinking pedagogy/andragogy: (Link)

SRBS Paper on how Systems Thinking/DSRP can develop EQ skills (prosocial, emotional intelligence, and a moral compass) in parallel with IQ skills (Link)

A short film (12 minutes) on systems thinking/DSRP by Photosynthesis Productions: (Link)

TED Talks: 1 – Link, 2 – Link


“If you practice the simple DSRP rules, systems thinking will emerge.” 


Twitter: @cabreraresearch

CRLabs (crlab.us) (Facebook)

ThinkWater project (thinkwater.us) (Facebook)

System Thinking Daily (Blog) (Facebook)