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GeneBellingerGene Bellinger has been a passionate Systems Thinker for almost four decades. He is a highly respected member of the systems thinking community, a member of the System Dynamics Society, author of several hundred articles, and host of over 800 videos on Systems Thinking.

In 2013 Gene coauthored Beyond Connecting the Dots: Modeling for Meaningful Results with Scott Fortmann-Roe, the developer of Insight Maker. For almost six years Gene hosted the Systems Thinking World discussion groups on LinkedIn and Facebook, a group of ~21,000 members focused on developing a better understanding of, and employing systems thinking principles.

Gene is also the developer of the Systems-Thinking and SystemsWiki websites. He has been a major contributor to the development of Insight Maker, a web based modeling and simulation environment, and of Kumu, a web-based relationship-mapping environment. Presently Gene is actively engaged in developing the Systems Thinking World Kumu e-Learning Environment (STW KeLE), The Perspectives Project and the Systems Learning Sessions.

System Ah-ha!

Reading (in “Uncommon Sense”) that studying Hydrogen and Oxygen does not let you understand the characteristic of “wetness.”

Favorite System Tool




Learning Resource

Uncommon Sense: The Life of Ludwig von Bertalanffy – Mark Davidson

Thinking in Systems: A Primer – Donella Meadows

The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of The Learning Organization – Peter M. Senge

Management Cybernetics – Barry Clemson

Systems KeLe (https://kumu.io/stw/systems-kele)

Search the Internet for “systems wiki” or “Gene Bellinger”


“Continue to ask, ‘And?’ in every situation.” 


Twitter: @SystemsWiki

Search the Internet for “Gene Bellinger”