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GeraldMWeinbergGerald M. Weinberg (Jerry) has always been interested in helping smart people be happy and productive. To that end, he has published books on human behavior, including Weinberg on Writing: The Fieldstone Method, The Psychology of Computer Programming, Perfect Software and Other Fallacies, and an Introduction to General Systems Thinking.

He has also written books on leadership including Becoming a Technical Leader, The Secrets of Consulting (Foreword by Virginia Satir), More Secrets of Consulting, and the four-volume Quality Software Management series.

System Ah-ha!

The childhood game Pickup Sticks – “Everything is connected!”

Favorite System Tool

Brainstorming, Randomization, Role-playing, and Watching for Trigger words like, “We don’t have to think about that.”

Learning Resource

Design For A Brain by Ross Ashby

An Introduction to Cybernetics by Ross Ashby


Don’t take yourself too seriously – develop a good sense of humor.



A Gift of Time (anthology from readers, students, clients, colleagues, and friends of Jerry)

Jerry’s page at Leanpub.com (includes many of his books)

Errors book (hint: Jerry’s email address is on this page – send him an email and start a conversation)

Jerry on Twitter: @JerryWeinberg