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Here are links and notes from the Dispatch for Dec 19, 2017. You can catch the live broadcast on my Facebook account.

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Today’s Stories

Trees in cities are often selected for beauty and low maintenance, not for food production. These industrious tree tenders in San Francisco are making sterile fruit trees productive again.

Seeing the growing interest in farming by young people, the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture announces a new intership program for vegatable farmers.

Detroit is among many cities benefiting from the growing urban agriculture movement. Michigan Urban Farming Initiative plans an AgriHood in North Detroit.

Friend Solomon Amuzu runs an urban farm in Accra, Ghana, supplying produce to local restaraunts and residents.

Combining two essential needs, energy and water, this new solar panel system stack two functions in one system.

If you are looking for a gift for a book lover, here’s a list compiled by Civil Eats. There is something for everyone, from recipes to activism to practical help in farming.

For my random cool stuff today, I love this augmented reality climbing wall.

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