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Here are links and notes from the Dispatch for Dec 20, 2017. You can catch the live broadcast on my Facebook account.

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Today’s Stories

This Albany, Oregon store supplies urban farmers with everything they need.

Closer to home, Pittsburgh boasts several urban farms:  Garfield, Larimer, Grow Pittsburgh, Garden Dreams, Burgh Bees Apiary, and Hilltop which is one of the largest urban farms.

Garfield Community Farm is holding an Urban Agriculture course on Feb 3, 2018.

Closer to home, my friends Mike and Karen Kovach of Walnut Hill Farm produce the best grass-fed chicken, pork, beef, lamb and turkeys.

Gardening with the OGarden indoor system goes round and round.

Slack.com is one of my favorite communication tools. Here’s a (very techy) glimpse behind of the scenes of how Slack handles ALL THOSE MESSAGES!

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