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Software makes today’s world go around. Many aspects of your business would be harder or impossible without software. When it is not enough, call me. I can fix existing or create new software to overcome problems and improve your bottom line.

And if you are reaching any of your customers via digital media like Facebook and other social media platforms, I can help there, too. I can help you find the best digital media strategy and actions that will help you reach more customers and better serve them.

I have worked with scores of clients and hundreds of technologies. Solutions to today’s problems need the right blend of old-school design and the most appropriate modern technologies and they start by understanding your business, your customers, and the problems you are facing. I offer:

  • Custom software for web apps, mobile apps, and back office apps.
  • Digital and social media strategy and development
  • Agile process strategy and training (Scrum) and Business process improvement and automation

If you have a complex problem and want to see if there is an achievable solution, talk it over with me, I will have an idea or two. No matter what your industry, I’ve worked on something similar and can bring that experience and general systems thinking to help you find the right solution. Click below to have a free chat about your software and digital media needs.


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