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David D-ProPeter Stroh, a founding partner of Bridgeway Partners (www.bridgewaypartners.com), is internationally recognized for his work in enabling leaders to apply systems thinking to achieve breakthroughs around chronic, complex problems and to develop strategies which improve system-wide performance over time. He is the author of the new book Systems Thinking for Social Change: A Practical Guide for Solving Complex Problems, Avoiding Unintended Consequences, and Achieving Lasting Results (Chelsea Green, 2015)


Combine your emotional, spiritual, and practical intelligences for systems thinking.

Learning Resource

The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of The Learning Organization by Peter Senge

Thinking in Systems: A Primer by Donella Meadows

The Systems Thinker archive (thesystemsthinker.com)

Applying Systems Thinking and Common Archetypes to Organizational Issues course at ISEESystems.com (under training)


email: dstroh@bridgewaypartners.com
website: www.bridgewaypartners.com